Ok so i saw this chinese film (when i was in hong kong)
i was sooo good i want to recommend but i have totally forgotten what it was called

i was wondering if anyone here could help

it is about a female musician (violin i think) who has become famous and has returned to do a concert in her home town. While there she tries to meet up with her siblings that she was parted from when her parents died. It switches between the present, of her finding her siblings, and the past in which it tells the story of how her parents had died and how them as orphans cope. Eventually leading up to each orphan going to a separte family.

Closest i've come to crying at a film in a long time.

I've searched for half a year over the internet but havent found it, so im trying forums now


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nope neither of those but thanks for trying, i think it was early 1990s but not for sure
oh and it was manadrin chinese so im guessing mainland