Ok, so a few things here with my strat:

1. I CANNOT palm mute no matter how much i try. Note: i've never been taught how to do it exactly, only heard descriptions on how( rest palm of your hand on strings close to bridge then pick) but it cant be that hard can it? My action is pretty low, would that make a difference? Oh, and when i try, they sound completely dead, not just a little dead, do you know what i mean?

2. When i bend my strings really hard so that they touch other ones, when i release the bend, no matter how slow or fast, the other string that it touches comes down wit it and makes the sound of the note. example, when i bend high E string for sweet child o mine solo, the b string will make noise when I rebend it back to normal position.

Thanks for the help!
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Your action may be too low for the palm mute or you may be pressing too hard with your right hand. Those are the two likely possibilities. Try raising the action a little and see if the problem persists.

The bending problem just sounds like it could be your technique. Keep working on it and you will get more precise. You are brushing the string above and causing it to ring out when you let go. With practice, that problem should go away.
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You don't hav eto push down hard to palm mute. You just barely touch it with the edge of your hand. And you don't need to bend a string "to the next one" as that's not a musical measurement. Practice bending to pitches (1/4, 1/2 or full step up)instead of to positions
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a little bending technique i taught myself is to use your index finger to mute all of the strings while bending with your ring finger...sounds wierd but it works
When you bend, mute the other strings with your right or left hand, that's what I do. And if it ring's out, quickly mute the string.

When you palm mute, don't push hard. Or raise your action.

And maybe your're not palm muting by the bridge? Find the sweet spot where palm mutes sound the best.