I need to know if I can - with or without Boom, though that is what I am currently using - make beats in odd time (6/4, 5/8, etc...) in ProTools 8 M-Powered. It doesn't seem that there is a drum sequencer capable of anything other than 4/4.
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I think that M-Powered comes with BFD Lite, and obviously there's Boom, so you have the drum samples you need but the sequencer as such doesn't have anything specific for programming odd-time drums other than setting an odd time on the timeline and then inputting data in the piano roll. It's much easier to use any other kind of external drum app. that allows you to program in odd time (I prefer Guitar Pro because I'm very used to the interface) and then import MIDI files that you play back using the Boom of BFD Lite samples.

You can of course use Boom but it requires you to think "outside the box" as it were and use the 16-step layout partially and extend your beats over several grooves. Say you want 6/4 time. Use three grooves/clips of 4/4 to program two bars of 6/4. (Since they both total 12/4.) It requires a bit of thinking on your part but it is a workable idea if you have the patience.
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