WTT in US : Big Muff Pi, in good condition, minor scratches to the face but everything works perfectly.

WTT in US : 2 Fender Vintage Noiseless Pups, great condition minor scratches to the "Noiseless" text on them but thats it.

I'd prefer to trade for new pedals, we will work out shipping if you are interested just drop me a pm or reply to this thread.
Goodness gracious me!
what year is the big muff
Vox Ac 30 (main)
Fender Supersonic with Krank Krankenstien 4x12
OR 50 with 4 x 12
Gassing for ibanes airplane flanger
I bought it last year, so its the newest USA reissue. I forgot to mention I have the box still with the original papers and I'll throw in the EHX Effects Demo Disk too.
Goodness gracious me!