This is part of a new song by my band Red Seas Fire, called The Recovery. I video'd myself tracking the lead parts during the laid-back solo section, but the sound quality was really bad, so I overlaid the final recording. The video does show the actual takes used though, Apologies for the awful lighting, it was about 5am, at the end of a long recording session, so I wasn't really thinking about getting the best video quality possible.


The recording was made with my Blackmachine B2, with its BKP Cold Sweat pickups, into my Axe-FX Ultra, recorded direct.
The audio can be heard in much better quality here:


Anyway, hope you guys like it. If so, please check us out on myspace at www.myspace.com/redseasfire. The page will be getting a revamp soon, along with new music making an appearance in the near future!

holy crap on two accounts. i literally was jsut watching your cover of sikth's "way beyond the fond old river" 45 seconds ago. the second holy crap is about your music. that is pretty much a combination of opeth and sikth clean parts melded into a beautiful one minute teaser. The quality is amazing. the two things stopping me from getting a tone fx is that its expensive and im a bass player overall amazing, and bad ass bathrobe