So Pit, school starts next Wednesday for me. Summers over and Im bummed out about it. So Pit what did you guys do during your summer????

I watched a bunch of movies,hung out with friends,played guitar,read books and jerked it.

Yes,I did use the searchbar
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Metalcamp, finished Halflife 2 (hooray for living in the past with ancient computers), playing guitar, a couple of days at the beach and a whole lot of running (lost 6kg )
Ah, I start school next Wednesday as well.

Most of the summer, was just staying home, babysitting my little sister, play guitar, hang with friends and UG.

Then go camping.

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I'll tell you what I didn't do over the summer.

My summer assignment.
Goodness gracious me!
I did very very little. Played a lot of guitar. Was on here a lot. Did some reading ... s'about all really.
School started on Wednesday for me, but I only had school Wednesday and Thursday, and now I have off til Tuesday(those 2 days of school we're pointless)
School starts on monday
i've done nothing with my time.
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I started on thursday... got a new suit its actually quite sexy as suits go.
Fuckin' GCSEs though
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school started last week for me. honestly i dont really mind it man. all summer i just chilled, played guitar, skated and got in trouble with my friends, and nothing has changed since school started.
lol TS you didn't look very well i made an incredibly identicle thread like a week or two ago...oh well...
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I'll tell you what I didn't do over the summer.

My summer assignment.

Ah crap. Thanks for reminding me, I really need to start that. Tomorrow. Maybe.
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