well i like the randy rhoads shape over the kind V shape but then the king V has 24 frets. are 24 frets really needed/used as much as i think they are?

what would you go with?
I like the King V better in terms of looks. And most guitars including many used for metal don't have 24 frets but its nice to have those extra 2 in-case you want them.

truthfully i suggest you play them and find which one sounds best to your ears.
I like having 24 frets, just because that's what I'm used to. But I've had guitars with 22 frets and they work fine too.

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24 frets is handy if you want to shred alot but it is not essential, the best thing to do is play both and go with the one that you like the feel of
Noodle around with a guitar, any guitar, and see if you use those last 2 frets. If you do, then go with the King V. If you don't then go with the Rhoads.
Errrr. If its the RR5, the answer is simple.

Get the bloody RR5! Jackson's X (IIRC thats what the name is)line isn't to terribly great for what you pay for IMO. Don't forget the dodgy trem. If it isn't MIJ or MIA I wouldn't bother with them.

Regarding the 2 fret difference.... Yes, it's nice having 2 full octaves per string, but not to terribly necessary. Worst come worse, you can always just bend up to those notes. Not to often your going to NEED them. As long as you have 22 frets or more you'll be fine. Personally, I hate 21 fret guitars (Damn you fender! Though, it does play nicely, so its forgiven!)

But yes, go play em.
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Unless your plan on changing the pickups into the KVX10, get the RR5. However, if you need 24 frets just get the KVX10 and change out the pickups as they suck.
Yeah, although I prefer 24 frets, mostly just for the feel of it rather than actually having them, the RR5 is a better (and better looking) guitar.

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