Hi, ive been playing for over 5 years, and have pretty much improved every year. These past few months, I look back and aside from learning all of the major modes and pentatonic/blues scales to help me improvise, I have been playing the same songs for the past 5 years. I have a list of about 100 something songs that i play along to when im bored but the list has stayed quite similar. Its basic rock things like gnr, acdc, zeppelin, srv, hendrix and chilis. To give an example of my skill level, I can play all of eric johnson's cliffs of dover, manhattan and yngwies far beyond the sun. The problem is i'm not sure what to do next. I'm by no means trying to say im done learning, im just not sure what. My band is progressing so my songwriting ability is developing, but skill wise I need some new songs. What are some good sounding, more challenging things that I could learn to play? I'm thinking i should pick up some exercises from my dads old vinnie moore tapes, any suggestions?
here is one... Sunflower Avenue by the Syncope threshold
(listen to the solo towards the end after the clean breakdown... if nothing else learn that part)


learn it, and if you figure it out you could be nice and post the tabs since no one has yet... Just thought i'd suggest the song though since its pretty different than your typical rock songs
Yeah, some harder material will definately help expose where your weaknesses are and give you something to work on.

Anything by Symphony X, e.g. Sea of Lies, is extremely challenging.
Anything by Paul Gilbert (aka GOD), e.g Technical Difficulties

If those don't make you break a sweat, then I'll have to ask you to be my guitar teacher!