Here's the first song off my bands next project, centered around the story and mindframe of Jack the Ripper. It's named Dear Boss because it's the first letter Jack sent the police department, taunting them. I'm pretty excited about this CD already. It's a pretty simple song, especially compared to the kind of style I usually write in.

So anyway, here it is. Crit for crit!
untitled new song.zip
It won't let me play it for some reason. Could you post it in your profile? I'm really intrigued by the concept

"So if 'con' is the opposite of 'pro', then isn't 'congress' the opposite of 'progress'?"
- John Stewart, Daily Show
No problem, it's in my profile now. I also just added my bands EP in it's entirety. It's under my albums. Check that out too if you want.