...and I came across this. The listing was for the Redburst, but I followed a link to their site. All together, about 200 GBP for guitar and postage.

This has set my GAS into complete overdrive. I'm seriously considering getting this, because I love the retro look and I'm anticipating playing it so much. And it's so cheap!

So tell me, guys. What's the quality on the Dano reissues? Is it something I'm just going to get sick of in a few weeks? Is it a great deal that I shouldn't pass up?


Thought I should include some specs in my OP.

Body: Masonite with plywood core. Solid plywood block from neck pocket to bridge. Chambered sides and behind bridge • Neck: Maple with double acting truss rod, Neck shape: C • Neck joint: Bolt on• Scale: 25" • Number of frets: 19 • Fretboard: Rosewood with pearloid inlays • Tuners: High ratio with sealed gears • Bridge: Adjustable saddles zero gloss nickel • Pickups: Lipstick single coil • Controls: Single volume and tone w/ 3-way toggle pickup selector, Vinyl side binding tape. Stained for aged appearance.

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I've heard mixed reviews of the Dano reissues. Some people love them and some hate them.


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It's pretty but I'm not sure how it will sound. Then again, a BC Rich Warlock could sound good with the right hands....Sorry, that wasn't any help at now was it?
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