im modding a mockingbird, ( me and my friends project) and i got to thinkin, again I JUST THOUGHT OF IT, but what would happen if you put 2 single coil pickups next to each other like a DiMarzio. would this affect the sound in any way, like putting 2 bridge pickups and 2 neck pickups together???

Get a humbucker.
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no, you'll have 2 singles.

Humbuckers aren't just 2 singles, they're wound differently.

it's like putting two left shoes together; sure, you'll have two shoes, but it won't technically be 'a pair'.

You might want to look at the PRS 513 . They did something like this.
What you're talking about is a HH with 4 singles. They did a HSH with 5.
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im saying what would happen, would you get a unique sound, or my guitar blow up in my hands
putting a bridge and reverse wound middle and a neck and another reverse wound middle would give two humbucker style pickups. Look at position 2 and 4 on a strat.
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