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I got a ProCo RAT, Boss SD-1, Behringer Space Chorus (CC300), Behringer Digital Reverb (DR600), Ultra Chorus (UC200), Ultra Feedbacker (FD300).

Sorry about the crappy pics. The RAT and SD-1 are awesome! The RAT distortion sounds just as good as my JCM's built-in distortion, with extra balls. The SD-1 is pretty versatile. I noticed as soon as you switch it on, it really compresses the signal, which helps every nuance of your playing get through, but kills dynamics.

The Behringer analog Space Chorus, based on the discontinued Boss DC-2 is amazing. When you bypass it, the clean sounds really flat by comparison. I recommend everyone pick one up, since it's so affordable.

The Behringer reverb is pretty nice too. It's great for stoner-rock and shoegaze stuff. But it's a bit too wet. It doesn't really do "subtle". I went back to my amp's reverb for playing more normal stuff. Also, it's not Parallel FX Loop friendly (It doesn't have a proper 100% Wet-only mode). And it has an annoying blue LED bright enough to kill.

The Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus (the orange one) was kinda disappointing. I only played with it for 2 minutes, but didn't like any of the sounds I was getting.

The Behringer Ultra Feedback is a lot of fun. As a distortion it sounds usable (like a DS-1). The feedback simulator isn't very convincing, but it gets the job done if you want feedback without cranking your amp. If I put my Digitech Whammy after it, I could probably get some interesting shoegaze textures out of it. Recommended for noise enthusiasts.

Also pictured: Big Muff. Probably my favourite pedal.
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HAPPY NPD!!! I am envious!

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As I posted on another section of this forum.......

Behringer Delay - Tremelo - Vibrato - Compressor

All just fine for $30
HNPD!!! I wish i had that stuff haha
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The space chorus looks awesome. I now have GAS for a transparent chorus.


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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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After playing around a bit more, the Space Chorus works well for completely clean stuff. But as soon as I put any kind of fuzz or distortion on there, it gets kinda muddy. I'm still experimenting. I tried it at the start of the chain and at the end.