well here's a really nice song written by Danielle Robert, she gave me permission to put it on.. Tell me what you think! she's truly amazing to me!


Danielle Robert - Julie's song
Wow, that is a truly beautiful song! I am amazed... Like this is the best thing I've ever heard on UG... The piano playing is great, and the singing is spot on/she just has a wonderful voice. Does she have a myspace with more songs or anywhere where I could download this? Thanks a lot for sharing! I don't have any suggestions for improvements, because to me, it is perfect. I listened to some of your songs, too, and I thought they were cool, too. The covers were good (especially Hallelujah)! If you could let me know what you think of my music, I would be very appreciative. Thanks! Here's a link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1195055
Not usually my cup of tea, but wow.

Incredible production, and the voice truly sounds like something you'd hear on the radio.

One of the best I've heard on here for sure. She is very talented indeed.

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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

Wow thanks guys, i'll mention that to her, she says she hates the way she sounds on this recording ? i'm like whaaaaaaaaaaat!

anyone else? !
Haha she hates it?! Is that serious...? It's amazing! Please ask her to put it up somewhere where we can download it!
cool song. the singing was good, but i wasent a big fan of it. reminded me of avaral lavene too much. the lyrics were okay. in the end it sounds like a song she's getting paid to sing that she dident right. it sounds good, but it almost seems a little plastic to me, like she didnet realy mean what she was saying. anyways i liked it. great song. the playing.recording.songwriting is spot on.

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Seriously, I need to have this on a CD or something... Haha Please put it up on that archives website or somewhere where people can download an MP3 version...
I really like her voice and the piano playing is spot on. It's something different from all the usual stuff going about just now. The one point were I think theres room for improvement is the singing..like was she recording somewhere she had to keep quiet cos the singing seemed a bit tense at times...either that or my crappy laptop speakers don't do it justice lol.

Overall it's a great song!

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