Steve Vai used it on that Crossroads duel. Jason Becker blew minds with it. Frank Zappa used it, period. Now MRavioli will bring it to new levels of win.

My first amp, ain't never gonna touch it again:

But what could this possibly be?

And a built-in EQ? oh my

A ****-ton of controls for uber-tone selection? Enthralling!

Holy ****! It's a:

omgwtfbbq, it's a Carvin X212B!

Rest of my gear:

I haven't gotten a good chance to play it, cause I'm so damn busy with school, but here are the specs

- Dual channels: Clean & Lead
- Master volume with switchable boost
- Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence and Reverb controls
- 5 band graphic EQ assignable to clean or lead channel
- 25/50/100W output switch
- Bias switch for 5881, 6L6GC's or EL34 power tubes (supplied with 6L6)
- Loaded with 2 GT12 speakers
- Cabinet voiced XLR balanced output
- Foot switchable Effects Loop
- Four 6L6 & three 12AX7A
- Weight: 58 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California
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Carvin X212B
Holy crap. I was considering that amp about a week ago, but got my Egnater instead. We could have had the same rig.

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That was a post of sage advice. Listen to this guy TS.

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HNAD, nice delivery i was guessing to the last second then i got lazy and scrolled down
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