Hey guys.

So I'm wondering how my singing is! YOU are the judge!

I recorded all the instruments in the song. It's just the chorus of the song that I posted.

It is in my profile, called "Walk the Extra Mile."

Thanks everyone!

I think your singing fits the style of the song pretty well. You have a couple "Oasis" style drags in the vocal line, and it has an overall very british, vaguely punk-ish vibe. If you were playing at a club, I'd dig it. Not sure if that'd work at a campfire though, if you know what I mean

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Thanks a lot guys! I was going for the Oasis-type vibe on some of those parts. It's frustrating because a lot of my friends think I have a not-so-good voice, and I want to improve that. I appreciate the feedback from all of you guys, and I'm going to keep working to improve!

I'll crit all of your guys' pieces you posted. If anyone else has anything to say, please do!
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First off, very good song, nicely recorded.
For what I could hear, you have a voice that suits perfectly the song.
Now that everybody is telling you this, maybe you could put it a little more louder in your mix, and finish the song. That would be cool.

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Yeah, I was thinking it was kind of buried too. When I finish the song, it'll be better quality as far as guitar tones and the mix go. I appreciate the feedback! I'll crit yours too.
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You have a Ramones/Oasis voice. Soooo, good job there. :P

Also, the song was pretty cool. It was like a shot or something. Awesome while it lasted. :P

Don't be afraid to sing in public or around anyone, you don't need to be.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the kind feedback from all of you guys.

If there's anything you want me to crit of yours, let me know!
Hey dude!
In my opinion you have a kinda 90s punk voice, I'm really diggin it man, and over all the song is really impressive! the sound quality is just phonomenal! excuse the spelling. :P
May ask how you record your stuff?

and if you have time could you crit my instrumental?
please and thank you.


great song(s)!
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i hear an oasis/blink182/and ramones combination in the vocal, and maybe i little TSAR. overall pretty good man, theres definitely worse out there. diggin the grooves on your other songs as well. very well produced for sure.

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Ha. Very nostalgic sounding bit imo. I like it, your voice fits well, and the harmonies only add to it. Good singing!

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I see what you're saying there. I'll work on that!

And I'll definitely crit yours a bit later today, when I have my monitors