I was goofing around with some amp and effect settings today. Does this sound anything like Eric Johnson tone? I realize that my guitar playing is bad. I have been trying to learn more chicken picking country stuff, and have not played any rock stuff for quite a while.

What do I need to do to get it more like Eric Johnson tone?

Here is a new youtube video:


Old video!

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The playing isn't bad all!

I like the tone, I feel like the delay/reverb isn't audible enough, though that could be because of the camera.

Nice job all around!
I don't know if a Hot Plate would help or not, and I don't have an Echoplex, so I will just have to work with what I have for now.

I have not been able to turn the amp up past 2 today, because my family is visiting for labor day weekend. The sound on the video is at very low volume. I will have to crank it up to see what happens.

On the video, I play an original 1965 Blackface Twin Reverb, with some ancient tubes in it, and Haywire Half-breed Guitar ( Tele Neck, bridge, and lead pickup, Strat Body with strat middle and neck pickup)

Guitar goes to Keeley Compressor, Butler Overdrive, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, Visual Sound Chorus ( speed turned to 0, width 10, delay time 10), RC Booster, then to old 25 Year old Roland Rack digital Delay set to 380 ms, then to amp.

I will try running through my old Laney Tube amp and then in stereo with the Fender Twin to see what happens. After all of these years, I still really like Eric's Johnson's sound over most players that I have heard.
I will have to keep on working on it. I'm missing the Echoplex Ep-3, Fuzz Pedal, and other things. I will have to get as close as I can with what I've got!

I have been told that a lot of Johnson's sound has to do with the preamp section of the Echoplex. You hit a note and after a few milliseconds the note fades in there so you don't hear the pick strikes too strong. It sounds like the strings are almost singing by themselves.

About 10 guys on the internet, that I have found, have this sound, so I know it's not just in the fingers as some people want me to believe. You've got to have the right combination of gear plus great technique.