How would you classify rpg music by the likes of nobuo uematsu and yasanori mitsuda as? I ask this because I mostly play video game songs. Its whats im into and ilove playing it. I would think classical even tho nobuo has done heavy rock for boss themes. Iguess if I was to go up to someone and say I play video game songs they'd think i was retarded like I play donkey kong song(Which I do ^_^)
It depends on what era we're talking about. The music of Super Mario 64 was significantly different in style from that of, say, Sonic the Hedgehog I, which is different from the Halo soundtrack.. There are little universal conventions from a theoretical standpoint regarding video game/RPG music..

See also: 8-bit music, Chiptunes.

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yeah it is kind of a broad a question which is why I singled out nobuo and Yasanori