I'm not too sure what to do really. Not even sure how I got to this point. I've been playing for about two years now. I think I'm an average guitarist. Lately I've had no motivation to play anything on the guitar at all. I've played maybe twice in two weeks.

I noticed that when me and a friend were suppose to do a side project, and it ended up not working out, is when this started. He didn't like any of my riffs or ideas. I felt like I was finally making some good riffs for once. It was a huge ego kill.

So what should I do now? Having no friends to help motivate me or even talk to doesn't help either. Just kinda feel down.
A) Take a break

B) Listen and play music that is interesting/ that you like

C) No one cares.
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I am having this same problem. I used to practice hours on end, but now that I have moved to the land of no muscians my hopes of starting a band have been dashed at least until sometime next year.

I am forcing myself to start playing again, but it is tough. It is like running on a hamster wheel.
thats how one of my friends makes me feel. like i've been playing for four or five years now and i'm WAY better than him and he knows it. he's only been playing for ONE year and he wonders why i'm better. (completely retarded, i know) he says all my music sucks just to make himself feel better, and it kinda makes me not wanna play.
with all that said, you're friend is probably jealous of your playing and is dissing you just to make himself feel better.
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**** your friend. who cares if he doesnt like your riffs or not its about what YOU wanna play
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New music/styles can really motivate you. Try and transform your sound have fun. No one is forcing you to play.

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Do something not musical related for about a week or so, just completely take off. Then when you come back, just playsome songs you've already learned, nothing new, and discover new music, whether that be new bands, genres or what have you, just take it easy, dont worry, about it, and just kinda find yourself and your musical interests again. This is coming from experience so its atleast worth a try. If you decide to go this route, lemme know how it goes, always curious to see what happens...
That happened to me when I got into dance music Just don't worry about it, man. Keep listening to new stuff, stay into music in general, but it's perfectly okay to take a hiatus from playing guitar if you want


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whenever i am uninspired and feeling like i'm no good, i watch people cover songs on youtube and read the comments. more often than not, i am aware that i could do a much better job, and after reading people praise them, i always pick up my guitar and learn/practice some songs with the intention of recording them (rarely do though). works well enough to get me playing again.
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pick up piano dont listen to the same music. come back to it and you will be far more musicially knowledable anyway and have better theory knowledge.
do covers of songs in a different genre than the actual song!
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Just play more casually?
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what i did is listen to some necrophagist, saw that it was awesome and decided i wanted to play some. still cant play any of their stuff but i'm working on extreme unction(got the first page down a few days ago). just try to learn something that you really like and/or sounds really complex. it always makes me feel better when the first thing i play when i pick up my guitar is a flawless solo or crystal mountain.
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