i have obtained an rg 7321 for my birthday. But the pickups sound very lousy at the lower b string. So im considering getting new pickups for it. Right now im thinking about paf 7(neck), blaze 7 (neck), dactivator 7(bridge) and x2n 7 (bridge) for dimarzios and invader 7 (bridge) distortion 7 (bridge) and jb 7 (bridge for duncans). Im looking for a smooth warm clean and distrotion. And the bridge pickup should be tight sounding and cruchy. Im just looking for opinions from more experienced users. Please lend your thoughts. You can also suggest your own pickups combination. No active pickups please. Thx guys.
For my RG7321, I put DiMarzio D-Activator 7's in both the neck and bridge positions, and it sounds hella tight.

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I just ordered a D Sonic for my 7 string.

I love the sound, plus the pickup itself is really feckin versatile.

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yea really, i mean i've ordred every solid color by now, but never had the urge for that split look. *I don't get it, tons of herc fede rg's have blue/purple or black/purple.

And when the dimarzio lady said they'd never offered those combinations i was shocked... and confuzzled...
A friend of mine is putting an Air Norton and an Evolution (I think) in his S7320.
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Crunch Lab and Liquafire. John Petrucci's new Dimarzios.

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