I'm looking for a portable amp that i can take with me wherever i want, realistically i know its going to be hard to find one that doesn't sound like complete cr@p, but does anybody know of a somewhat decent sounding one by any chance?

thank you
i have a pocket thing by Marshall, i think it's called the MS-2, it's a miniamp that can get pretty loud, clips onto a belt or pocket, and at max volume, it'll sound pretty distorted, but even at just half volume in a room should be fine. if you want something for the stage, i only use like a really small 15 Watt Peavey amp, it's not bad actually, light, has an opening in the back to carry wires and my pedals, it works great for me
Roland Microcube. Thing sounds great, and it's less than 1'x1'.
It can be loud, but sounds great at low volumes too.

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The Roland Microcube is pretty nice.
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how portable of an amp are you looking for? like a miniature amp like the one stated above or just a small practice amp?
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I'm gonna suggest the Micro Cube. I've tried a bunch of little travel amps and all others are complete ****. Not to say the Micro Cube is awesome, it's just that it's probably the best travel amp.
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Does anybody have an opinion on the Vox cube amp? It's a little more pricey (like 10 bucks) but it has far more effects than the Roland.
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+1 on the MicroCube. I recently picked up a used one and sounds way better than it looks like it should. Especially since it will run on 6 AA batteries. If you don't need the battery option then I'd recommend the Peavey Vypyr 15.