Hey does anybody know if I need a separate bridge pickup for the sustainer to work?

I was thinking of buying the Tom DeLonge ES-333 and taking out the Dirty Fingers pickup, and then add the sustainer and all the switches from the kit.
the sustainer kit should just be the board and the neck driver. you should be able to use whatever you want in the bridge.
Thing is, what if I have NO pick up in the bridge?

This is the guitar

I was thinking of swapping the ONE/ONLY Dirty Fingers pickup, and then putting the Fernandes in its place.

But I keep reading that the sustainer needs to be in the neck and that there needs to be a bridge pickup behind it.
Not gonna work.

1 - The sustainer needs to be near the neck.
2 - You still need a pickup in addition to the sustainer.
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the sustainer isnt really a pickup. it's shaped like a pickup, fits in a pickup cavity but doesnt function as a pickup. it's a string driver to make the strings vibrate. putting it in the bridge wont work anywhere close to how you'd want it to and using it without any other pickups defeats the entire purpose of it since you wont hear what it's doing to the guitar.

you can put it on that guitar but it will require making a pickup route in the neck position.
Now i'm faced with a dilemma.

That ES-333 had an access panel on the back, which I thought would be great and make things easier on my tech, but if i need a pickup i'm not going to have it routed for more money etc.

Ok, good thing I had a backup plan. There's an Epiphone Dot Studio project i've had lying about. Its a rip-off of what someone else had done and sold on eBay which made me re-think the Dot Studio's potential.

Y'take a now discontinued white Dot Studio

-Black Bigsby B700
-Graph-Tech Nut
-Graph Tech Bridge
-Gibson/or other moderate to heavy distortion pickups


Except now instead of a neck pickup, i'll put the sustainer in there, and then pop in a bridge pickup like the 500T or something.

The tech's gonna be pissed but **** it, if anything i'll have him put together a make-shift access panel and we'll carve out the back, who knows.

Thanks everybody
While on the subject, does anybody know any good pickups that distort well (that kinda get Smashing Pumpkins esque tone), but clean up just as well for, say, U2 "With or Without You" covers?
the driver pickup works like a pickup but only when the sustainer's turned off.
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