No For my music i would just haaaaatttttteeeee being one of those comedy bands that only focus on vocals.
I am putting together a group with just crazy instrumentals and vocals.
Writing the vocal tune is easy for me but the lyrics are hard to write no matter what.
All I need is a drummer for my band and that will be easy to find if youre wondering.
I just need a tutorial on how to write lyrics.
just wait. something will happen that will make u get sum good lyrics. write down ur riffs/chords and just wait
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Stuff happening to you doesn't automatically make you a good songwriter.

There are millions of people around the world who would dream of only having your problems, but couldn't put pen to paper and write a decent song from it.

Even Lennon and McCartney said it just took practice. Harrison noted that they wrote their fair share of crap songs before the good ones came along.
just go balls to the wall and try some **** if it works great if it doesn't **** it try again