lately ive been having trouble writting verses, i get through the chorus with ease though. is this writters block or something else? help would be appreciated greatly.
hey man, it's kinda funny but I'm the opposite of you! lol. I can write verse's but I can't write chorus's. but anyway. the technique that I use is I just pick up a pen and paper when I have some sort of inspiration (song that rocks out or song that has lots of touching and emotional lyrics) and I just think of a sentence that starts everything off. lets say for an emotional song, I first think of something that I find emotional or something that expresses a feeling inside me (or in someone else if I write the song in third-person which I prefer and I do a lot as well) then I basically write a story talking about a person, something someone does, or in a first person perspective. and I like to do 4 lines or whatever their called for each verse, then I might move to a second verse/chorus whatever. the way I look at it is the verse is much more on a personal level than the chorus because the chorus is the thing thats supposed to be mainly based on melody and catchiness (to make it appealing to everyone) but ya I'm not saying the verse can't have an awesome melody. I'm no professional but writing the verses I consider myself "ok" at lol. hope that helped! If not than if you have any more specific questions about the verses feel free to ask me.