Hey, I have some recordings up, and I'd really like to get a feel for what people think of it. If you could just tell me what you think I need to improve upon, what you like about, what you don't like about it, or if you just want to typed things into the box and press submit, that all works!

Here's the link: http://www.myspace.com/littletoycarsmusic

Thanks a lot! Also, if you're really here for guitar work, there is a guitar solo at the end of "The Fall"
Love When I'm Gone sounds a bit like Motion City Soundtrack at the beginning. I'm diggin the piano, and the parts where it sounds like you double tracked your voice ie "sing this so oh song... lo oh ong..." I think that you could vary up your vocal melody a bit in the verses though, but besides that I really liked the song.


The Fall is ok. I haven't decided if I like the synth riff your playing too much, but once again the piano and the acoustic guitar sound spot on, and I like the rests in the song with just the drums. The vocals are the only other thing that I think needs work, the track of you singing higher sounds good but the lower track sounds a bit without energy. The solo was definitely the high point of the song for me, nice chops there.

When I Shave My Beard really reminds me of The Minus 5, and that is a good thing. The synth here isn't bad but may I recommend putting it deeper in the mix? I think you've got a really nice thing going with your the guitar and the piano here again and your vocals are perfect on this one.
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I'm a fan of the synth riff in "Love, When I'm Gone". The piano work is impeccable from my perspective, and I really like your vocal line. It's very poppy, but not in a bad way by any means.

The Fall: starting to notice a pattern with the synth riffs. It still sounds good, but loses effectiveness when played right after "Love...". Great piano and acoustic work again. I'm jealous; i wish I could play like that. Also, your vocals are almost always in tune, so kudos there. Dug the solo.

"When I Shave My Beard": the reference to scientist leads me to believe this song is about nuclear war...am I close? Anyway, basically copy and paste the comments for the other two songs. Great piano/ acoustic combo, solid vocals.

I'd just say, maybe some tempo changes or something? You seem to have developed a style you like to write in, so all I can say is don't get too comfortable: try to keep mixing things up. The synth parts a great, but tend to blur together over the songs.

Anyway, thanks alot for your crit earlier, and I hope I was somewhat helpful. Keep rockin'

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Wow, thanks a lot for the detailed feedback everyone! I really appreciate it! I definitely have some things to work on!

EDIT: When I Shave My Beard is pretty much about enjoying life before you die... When the tempo slows and the chorus comes in, the lyrics are, "Hold on to me/Because this could be/The last time/That we're both alive." It's a little depressing...
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