I used the searchbar and checked a couple pages. I can promise that this thread has been done before, but I can't find it.

Everyone has that one song that somehow follows them through life. It will help you through a hard day and you will play it when you feel on top of the world.

Mine is Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself". I am a pretty big loser and my social life mostly consists of getting flamed by UG, but this song always reminds me that I can be happy and have a great time even by myself.

How about you guys?

JacobTheEdit: You guys are supposed to explain why.
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Celebration by Kool And The Gang.


because of the first minute or so of THIS

French, from participle of flamboyer to flame
1:Characterized by waving curves suggesting flames
2:Marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior

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You Can Leave Your Hat on - Tom Jones

ohhhh yeahhh
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"El Extraño Del Pelo Largo" Enanitos VErdes

The lyrics accurately describe my life.
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mine would have to Wacko Jacko Steals The Elephant Man's Bone's by The Fall of Troy. just because I can relate to the lyrics so much. The song isnt even their best too
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I am a pretty big loser and my social life mostly consists of getting flamed by UG

Dude... I dunno what to do in this situation... I honestly cant make fun of you, but get a real life, maybe make a friend? That isnt online...
The album Songs From An American Movie; Good Time For A Bad Attitude (everclear) constantly follows me.
When I walk in a room I want Tom Sawyer by Rush to play.
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One Day I'll Stay Home by Misery Signals

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the terminator theme
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Furtive Monoluge - Despised Icon
II Air - Bach
Lilium (from Elfen Lied)

Anime music, eh?

Well I raise you:
Don't Say Lazy- K-On!
Be Your Girl- Elfen Lied
Real Folk Blues and Tank!- Cowboy Bebop
Through the Night- Outlaw Star

EDIT: Thank You and Asterisk- Bleach
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Grieves My Heart - Draconian

"I know that light is not for me, I know I am a stranger amongst all of mankind..."

Such true lyrics.
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You guys were supposed to explain why.

Ok then

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Gravest Show On Earth - atm my life feels like a comic tragedy. But I still seem to be high all the time anyways
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Not The Sun by Brand New

basically this lyric set or so

Pretend that you want me, be my babe
You say you're my friend,
well why won't you be my family?
If you breed, just just tell me...
Prove me I'm wrong...
You've set on me that you are not the sun and you will not listen
Pretend that you love me, be my babe.

idk, I'm obsessive and can't take a hint...
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Take No Prisoners - Megadeth

OR Crystal Mountain - Death

OR Lai Lai Hei - Ensiferum

Or Spheres of Madness by Decapitated

I honestly can't choose.
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Second Chance : Shinedown

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im gonna go with Bob Marley as the artist, cuz the music is associated with the carefree stoner vibe, but really has some deep messed up dark themes behind it, Sublime kinda has that thing goin on too.

or the Beatles' A day in the life, cuz the song sounds like an actual day, like theres profound moments like the first verse, then everyday tasks in the verses bout "woke up, grabbed my hat", then its like "someone spoke and i slipped into a dream" which hits me pretty hard cuz sometimes i feel like life is a dream and im watching it happen.
Alright Guy- Todd Snider
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
man on the side - john mayer....kinda self explanatory once you listen to it
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Some songs by James taylor and Neil young.

But one song I'll always love on a bad/good day is Joe satriani - Ten words and

Bad company - Bad company
Layla by Eric Clapton.

Just because.
I'll run in the rain till Im breathless
When Im breathless I'll run till I drop
The thoughts of a fools kind of careless
Im just a fool waiting on the wrong block.
Currently any of the following:

No Quarter - Alestorm. Because pirates are awesome and this is the best instrumental I've heard in ages.

The Imperial March from Star Wars, because who wouldn't want to pretend to be Darth Vader?

Spybreak - Propellerheads. Because I bought an awesome leather coat the other day and I like the Matrix. But not so much the sequels.
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