You may recognize one riff from a different song I did. I think this arrangement/goes better with what im currently working on. Theres a lot going on here in 2.5 min, but once you've heard it once, it starts to make more sense. I'm going for a dark, eerie feel, then a brief moment of sunshine, followed by darkness prevailing, showing it was a false sense of security...

I like the acoustic, it would be interesting to see how it sounded fingerpicked. I'm not sure about the slow slide down you do with the electric a few times, the tone is a just a tiny bit too gainy for me, besides that its a real nice sound. Sometimes during your quicker runs in the moment of sunshine it sounded a littler eastern/asian which idk if you were going for. You definitely got the structure of dark eeriness and then a brief moment of sunshine, but when you return to the dark acoustic I think the electric should come back at least for a moment, to show the final moment of overwhelming/prevailing darkness. Overall it was pretty good.

Goodness gracious me!
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A better production would really bring this to light.

I do like that acoustic very much, the moods you're trying to it have been pretty much hit.

The soloing is a little inconsistent, and when you change into the darker mood it can be hard to follow, still definitely dark and eerie just not as easy to latch to.

I like it, it has a lot of potential, it probably just needs some tune ups and a better production.
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

the picked part was okay, but the soloing sounded a bit confusing sometimes (like you weren't in the right key or something)

I also can't hear I clear structure, that would help to understand the whole track
Hey, thanks for critting mine. I really liked the clean guitar pattern, and it reminded me of a cross between Opeth, Metallica, and Irish folk music, so definitely pretty original! If you wanted to develop it a little more, I would suggest having it go into some heavier sections. One key point in instrumental songs is keeping the listener interested, and transitions definitely help to do this. I like the mood that you have in this, but if I were you, I would develop it. Nice work so far!
You hit the moods you were going for. That one part near the beginning where it changes moods (kinda vague description, I know, haha) I was like: woah. Another vague description by me, but you know what I mean. :P

I think you could have changed the high gain electric guitar to something lower gain with reverb, I think it would keep the mood, whilst making it blend in better.

I want to hear more like this!

Comment mine if you want to:
the best advice i can give you is dont mess with your sound too much. i love what you have going on right now, the variety is fantastic, something that is rare in this style of music. the only thing is the lead around the 3 min mark sounds a little off key, but its really not a big deal. keep it up, it aint broke, so dont fix it!