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Standing up
14 25%
Sitting down
42 75%
Voters: 56.
Hey UG,

Yesterday while we were recording I found out something that struck me as rather odd. We were recording a song with my band and at first I tried everything sitting down then with my guitar in the "classical" position and I always kept messing up, it's almost as though I couldn't get my brain and my hands to talk.

The drummer then suggested I try recording standing up, that did the trick and I got everything down in one take, which I didn't expect since my guitar is rather low (as in Jimmy Page low not pitch low.)

P.S. can't post the track yet since we haven't laid the vocals down.

So how do you prefer recording ? Standing up or sitting down ?
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I personally find sitting down slightly easier, just because I'm closer to my fretboard, and I can check all my mechanics and such while I'm playing. Plus if you record for hours on end, standing up will get slightly tiring if you have a decently heavy guitar.
It depends on what I'm doing, what kind of feel I'm trying to get, what kind of day I'm having, whether it's lead or rhythm work and where I'm playing mainly. Generally I like sitting own, but I do a bit standing up when I'm going stuff higher on the neck if I'm doing leads and if I'm doing much more than open chords.

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When I'm recording myself, I sit down, unless I'm singing. If I'm with a band, I do it standing up.
It's just prefference man, I record myself sitting down, but if we're doing the full band I stand up
I find that it's easier to record sitting down, but always sounds better when you record standing up for some reason. I think it has to do with the extra energy you are forced to exert (sp?), it somehow sounds more powerful and punchy.
If I'm recording a faster track, I stand up. If it's a slow song, I sit down. It helps me feel the style of the song more.
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I'll quote Satriani:

Don't play something sitting down if you can't play it standing up. He recorded some solo on a CD of his sitting down because he couldn't play it standing up.
I prefer sitting down, for some reason my technique is better when I'm sitting.
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I get so much more support sitting down unless I have the strap so that my guitar is so high up...I use an Ibanez S5470 Prestige.
i record sitting down, it may be for the reason that i'm sitting right in front of my computer anyway.
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