Martje - Martje (2009)

Band: Martje
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev (Kyiv)
Style: Alt.Metal

Genre: Alternative Metal
Year: 2009
Produced in: Ukraine
Audio codec: MP3
Type: tracks
Bps: 192 kbps
Lenght: 52:55

1. Begin
2. Heaven/Hell
3. Sky
4. Dream
5. I walk alone
6. Seven
7. To you
8. Exodus
9. Crystal world
10. When I believed
11. Pulse
12. Pictures of war
13. Last breath
14. M. M. (March Margo)
+ bonus


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Members of the band:

Bogdan Golovatuy - Vocal
Artyom Tvelin - Guitar
Gleb Platonov - Guitar
Igor Korchevoy - Bass
Alexey Katerynchuk - Drums

Previous members of the band:

Artur Vagner - Bass (2007-2008)
Aleksandr Borislavskiy (member of The day of Glory) - Vocal (2007)

Band Martje

The band was founded in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine. The first steps were made by its guitarist and drummer.
After a few months another guitarist and bassist join the band.
After a very long searching the band finally finds the vocalist.( the member of The Day of Glory band). In autumn 2007, due to creative disagreement Martje loses its vocalist.
So we started a new search. What a peace of luck! The new vocalist Bogdan was a powerful spur to creative work of our band. He was just born to scream and to growl!!! Due to his potential we gain in strength and now the work is in full swing. At the beginning of 2008, Martje records the first demos, immediately finds its audience and starts a very active concert activity. Half a year lately, we decided to begin a recording of our first album.
Unfortunately, shortly before the recording Arthur leaves our band and a new bassist Igor becomes a part of it.The recording was lasting more than six months. Finally, our first album in which we devoted much effort and energy has appeared. A mixture of different styles and trends won’t be indifferent to all fans of alternative music!