Okay so I removed batteries from my Boss SD-1 this morning and as I was about to replace it, I noticed one of the 9v connectors on the pedal came out with the previous battery. I'm just wondering whether its easy to fix and will cost alot?
find a mate with a soldering iron and they should fix it right up in about 30 seconds. its no biggy.
edit: wait idk if i read that right.... what part of the connector came disconnected?
it happens allot, and it costs about $2 for a new one. then as stated, just have someone solder on the new plug.
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This is the connector from my DD-3 where everything is fine and dandy

And my SD-1 which has the fkced up connector. The part which is missing got stuck to the battery (Fail.)
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Just needs a new battery clip. The whole thing will need to be replaced. but its about $1 worth.
yeah just buy a new connector and slap that badboy on there.. it will be fine.