Been looking for a strat for a little while. I really wanted a US, but obviously they cost a lot! Been reading quite a bit about Jap and Mex models being pretty good. I have seen this item on ebay (UK) What do you think?
Mex models are just the same as the US models. Just a little bit worse pickups and maybe hardware...maybe cuz I'm not sure about the hardware thing. But nothing else really.
My 72' Telecaster Deluxe was made in mexico and it's, omg, freaking awesome!
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MIMs are great value for money, but if you had a little more ash to spare, I recommend you jump on a MIJ. Those MIJ strats can really rival an MIA.
My suggestion is that the older Fender you can find the better, be it MIJ, MIM, or MIA. And if you go older you can probably pick up a MIA like you want. If you buy MIM look at 1991-2 and 1995 because during those years they actually used American parts and just put them together in Mexico. And I agree with other posters that I have never seen a bad MIJ Fender.
Maybe check for a highway one on ebay, there MIA
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Don't know if this link works but here is the description...

Fender Stratocaster Japanese 3 Tone Sunburst. Serial no R037479.

This is a 2004/2005 model Strat that I had the pickups professionally replaced with USA Fender Tex Mex pickups.

These are the pickups that appear on the Jimi Ray Vaughan model strat and are overwound and hotter than Texas Specials. I have owned this guitar since new in March 2006.

This is very little played and I have now moved over to favouring Gibson necks so this has to go. Plays well with low action and that Fender sound.

Guitar professionally set up - tuned down 1/2 step as per Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix

Condition- Very good apart from the following. Two small marks on the front (pictured), miniscule amount of buckle rash and miniscule amount of fret wear. Apart from that this is in very good condition.

Standard pups replaced with Tex Mex Single Coils.
Tex-Mex, White (0992131000)
Bridge - DC Resistance-7.4K, Inductance-3.7 Henries
Middle - DC Resistance-6.4K, Inductance-2.75 Henries
Neck - DC Resistance-6.4K, Inductance-2.75 Henries

Any thoughts on what I should expect to pay for it?
I love my mim strat. Ive always loved the way it felt, so i upgaded the bridge pickup to a seymour duncan invader, and put 2 Fender Texas Blues single coils in it. Had all of the pots, switches, and wiring replaced/upgraded at the same time. Its a great guitar. But, i could of got an american for what i am into my mim. Oh well, i like it.