I have a BOSS TU-80 Tuner, and was told it could do DropC/D. But i haven't a clue on how to do this. To be honest with you guys.... I don't even know how to get the damn thing to tune Standard!

I've searched on the interhighway only to find nothing.
Help please!
i have this and use it with my bass i generally lower as if i were taking the strings off and reading the tuner till D comes up in the top corner then i aim by fine tuning the peg till its in the centre and inevitably bleeps saying its tuned.

Hope it helps .Just tried it on my crappy squier strat and its the same method.(just lays around for friends to play around on really xD)
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Someone told me it as to do with the 5 b's that appear.
But i haven't got a clue.

I'll give your idea a try, Razgriz_101. Thanks.