Ok so im going to get an agile al3100 in white gold from rondomusic.net And im goign to get a bugera v22 for some home practice maybe some small gigs with a school band or something. But i know it has a nice drive channel but im pretty sure ill ned an OD pedal to push this baby. Now i've looked at maxon 808 ts9 ts808hw ts808 OCD SD-1 and a bunch more including this one custom made by a guy named gearmanndude named the luther drive but im just unsure which is a good fit for me beign im really into hard rock music and im trying to create my own tone with a hard rock setting. What the best one for more of a trebly tone while mainting some nice lows and a mid thats kinda in the middle so i have more of a biting edge to my sound? and i want this baby to make my am scream with gain.
Try all these out-

Ibanez ts9
Fulltone OCD
MXR Distortion III
Ibanez TS808
Keeley modded ts9
Modded DS1
Blackstar ht tube overdrive


But in all seriousness- get the guitar and amp first. Decide what your tone is lacking. Then buy a pedal to fulfill those needs. No use in buying a pedal if you're not gonna use it. The amp might be perfect for you and you might not need an overdrive.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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Check out the Catalinbread SCOD for blistering gain.


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sweet guys and jesus man j349 do you live n this site lol u know everything aboout everything guitar. you really have been very helpful thank you
My budget is going to be 200 max maybe 300 for the ts808 hw
the menatone red snapper that i use is awesome. quite bright, and has the closest sound to natural valve overdrive that i've heard from a pedal. i was very lucky to be able to find one in the uk, but i assume you're in the us, and they're easier to get over there. can't remember how much they are though.

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