Hi there,

I want to put gauge 10's on my Ibanez RG550 but the trem gets pulled too far forward. Have tryed adding another two springs but it makes no difference.

Does anybody know what the higher tension springs are labelled as and where I can get some? I live in the uk so preferably a European supplier wood be good.

I screwed the claw as far back as it will go with five springs in there but it doesn't work unfortunately. I've just found out that the standard springs are 52mm and that 47mm springs are required for a gauge 10 setup. No idea where to get them though.
I'd have to say get it set up by a tech, I was screwing around with my RG760's string guages, I went up to 0.10 guage and didn't adjust everything well enough I guess, I thought it looked fine, as I have adjusted plenty of my other guitars, but like 3 weeks later I take a look and the repaired crack in my neck got quite abit worse. Could've been easily avoided, but with those Wizard 1 necks, I usually just bring them in to get set up with a tech
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I used to be a full time tech so have done plenty of floating bridge setups. Just need to know where I can aquire these 47mm springs. I'm not even fussed if it's a EU supplier anymore. I just can't seem to find anywhere. Kinda crazy really, I wouldn't have thought fitting gauge 10's would be that uncommon.