does anyone heard of diamond guitars? The brand is called diamond? Pics will probably later. But I looked all over the net and havent found anything. Then only thing is that ESP had a branch company called diamond in the late 70 which produced Les Paul copies but this one is a white stratocaster. Maybe someone has any info?
Never heard of them, but my guess is that they made lawsuit guitars, which were often great.
The problem is that my father found it on a flee market and I am currently 1500 km away from him so I only saw it VIA webcam. I asked him for pics so they should be some time later but neither he or me found out about them anything. Just interesting to find anything about it. :P it looks really good, like and old fender start with the nice headstock of a strat size (not the super huge one with which you can paddle a boat)
I only know about Diamond amps (possibly one of the best brands ever) and Diamond pedals, but nothing about guitars. Pictures? Website?
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Thank you. But mine is a strat copy. A white stratocaster. : ) And could some one explain the term lawsuit? : ) Thank you.

It's a guitar made before Fender or Gibson or someone sued them because they were too close to the originals. I think.
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Ou oky. So basically it is something related to copyright material. Like a song, when you are allowed to perform only 30% of the original version if you do not have the copyrights? : )

More like they copied 99% of the Fender Stratocaster model and just slapped on a "Diamond" decal on the headstock instead of "Fender" and called it thier own.
I had a friend who had a Black with Gold hardware Diamond LP Custom copy (Lawsuit era for sure MIJ) I used to keep it at my house most of the time because he was really a drummer and I played guitar. He just managed to score the guitar cheap. I actually liked it but at that time I was just starting so my opinion of one now might be much different. It really was more or less a counterfeit LP it was pretty much identical right to the split Diamond inlay in the headstock. The only way you knew it wasn't a Gibby was the Diamond instead of Gibson on the headstock.

If the price is right or your getting it as a gift take it you can always upgrade it if it's in good shape. I never say no to a free or cheap guitar. I have really gotten some gems that way.

Oh yeah for $25.00 you really can't go wrong. You can really heavily mod it at that cost and not worry about ruining any value. I an no fan of Strats but I have bought Squier Strats cheap did a little work on them and given them away to friends kids.

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Never heard of them...

Wouldn't it be cool if they made guitars out of diamonds? It would be impossible to smash, and it would look awesome. Not to mention the beautiful tonal qualities of precious jems
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looks just like a fender strat other then the Diamond logo and the truss rod cover. fenders dont have truss rod covers

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More photos if someone is interested:

The red strat near it is a Marlin Sidewinder. A lot of negativity was about them that they are cheap English guitars, but I really like it. It has a wonderful thin neck really comfortable to play, however the pickups are awful, low power, it feels sometimes that your playing without an amp actually, but overall a nice good guitar.