Why didnt I do this earlier?

I went from doing a alternate picking chromatic scale, (nothing fancy, just a run of the mill warm up scale), I used to do it at 100 bpm with 8th notes clean, now I've got it up to 125 bpm with 8th notes clean in only a week. I decided to stop anchoring because when i was ascending on the scale i felt too tense, I figured since my pinky was being pressed against the bridge too hard. However I found descending slightly easier at the same speed. This may have been because my pinky wasnt pressing against the bridge, just resting. So I just decided to stop anchoring, took a day or 2 to get used to but now I'm never going back. Just thought I'd share.
yup, anchoring is useful when you are starting off, even i did it, but unknowingly i stopped anchoring and my playing is much more fluid.
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Cool story bro...

...someone had to say it.
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Gilbert mutes with both hands. Palm muting and left hand muting. As for anchoring, he doesn't. He doesn't need to. After all, he's the creator of life, the universe, and everything.
eh, not that big of a deal. it's easier and quicker to palm mute when anchoring
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Cool story bro...

...someone had to say it.

And it's a shame it had to be you.

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