Hey folks! I don't know if this would be a poem or a song... Help me decide!
All kinds of criticism is appreciated!
Thank you.

Where goes your money?

Where is your coins going
they travel nowhere
but in your head it's growing.

They are used and abused by people worldwide
and on markets they're choosed
to buy our moods.

Money are small, but big at the same time
they are small tickets with a huge prize
used by people to gamble and dice.

What's the purpose if it can't buy me love?
Can't buy me freedom, can't buy me friends,
it's all so wasted, and nothing makes sense.

I can't deny
that money makes me fly
to experience and discover
new places I can try.

But still something is missing
like a half-made chain
we need to have to sustain our brain.

Love, freedom, truth and peace
to live our lives in ease
figthing the release of dirty moneys disease.

By the way,
where goes your money?
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