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Voters: 36.
No, I can't stand those travesties, but I had hours of fun with BombayTV though.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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People in India actually like those movies.

People all over the world like those movies.

It's one of those "it's so bad it becomes good again" type things.
Haha I've been watching these since I was a kid (I'm brown) and I love them. Doesn't matter if they're a tragedy or a comedy, they're bound to crack you up.

Btw several of those that were posted were South Indian/Tamil movies. There's a MASSIVE difference (yes I know you guys hardly care). If the guys are darker skinned and acting even more stupid, its South Indian and its called... ... Koliwood Otherwise, its Bollywood.


Some repeats.

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I love Indian cinema, I've watched some of those films

Dude! Your from bahrain! I love that place, although I live in saudi 90% of the time most people are in Bahrain.
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Some of your links aren't bollywood, they're in Tamil not Hindi.
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