Who is your favourite band? Metallica, Muse, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Dragonforce?

No. WHO is your favourite band?

I have found that if you actually know who your favourite band actually is, you understand and therefore appreciate their music a lot more. Every band I've listened to I have looked them up, found out who they were, what they're like, who they like etc., and their music is so much more enjoyable. You can understand what message they are trying to get across, why they are actually in the music industry in the first place, what they are trying to get out of this etc.

If you do some research on your favourite band, they are no longer just an obscure band in the distance; you don't know them as just famous musicians, you see them as people who make music (I often visualise them playing the song I'm listening to).

My point is simple: If you know who your favourite band are, you understand their intentions, you understand their music, you appreciate their music, and you enjoy their music much more.
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I dont have 1 favourite band, i appreciate all the music i listen to (and music i dont) on its own merits, its impossible to say 1 band is better than another if they are attempting their own thing.
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Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Megadeth are three of my favourite bands who I actually appreciate a lot more and understand more about than any other bands I would claim to be favourites (Whom I enjoy their music a lot but haven't looked them up too much to find out about their history in depth).
i love the way no-one actually bothered to read TS' post.

i agree totally
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There is no favorite for me, so ill do top 5

1. Neil Young
2. Tom Petty
3. Hank Williams III
4. Todd Snider
5. Drive By Truckers
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now i most listen to
Iced Earth
Judas Priest
Gamma Ray
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin

i don't have a favorite band
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i love the way no-one actually bothered to read TS' post.

i agree totally
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My top five:

1. Cake
2. Talking Heads
3. Pink Floyd
4. Modest Mouse
5. Zee Avi
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My top five:

1. Cake
2. Talking Heads
3. Pink Floyd
4. Modest Mouse
5. Zee Avi

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Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

The Mahavishnu Orchestra comes in a close second
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I agree with what you said. I enjoy learning about the members in my favourite bands. I don't go as far as some people do with celebrities such as finding out tiny personal details but it is interesting to find out who their influences are and stuff like that.
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I have quite a number of bands hovering around the top at any given time, but my favorite would have to be JAWBREAKER. Their music has the raw energy of punk rock plus all the melancholy and sadness I could desire. Plus Blake Schwarzenbach studies British Romantic Literature, so it's no surprise that he wrote such excellent lyrics.

And yeah, I agree with your post, that's why I've spent more time than I should have reading biographies and old interviews with the band.
as of now, I've decided Brand New is my life.

but circa survive and say anything are close seconds.
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Dir En Grey & The Misfits are my favourite bands ever. Tool & Megadeth tie in at second, and Metallica are third.
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Tool and Mastodon are 2 of my favorites closely followed by Metallica, Muse, A Perfect Circle, Opeth and Dream Theater (-Labrie).
Tool and Pink Floyd are my favorites. I don't appreciate or know much about anyone else besides those two. Maybe Led Zeppelin..
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i get hated a lot for this but i gotta say Blink-182 because i've listened to them for about 8 years now,..and i can't stop listening to them .
Red Hot Chili Peppers, got Anthony Keidis's book, Scartissue and generally find them a very enjoyable band, love their live and studio stuff, old and new and consider them a huge influence on my style as a bassist as I developed all my skills apart from those including a pick from them.

Foo Fighters too, I learnt off them for my early bass days and have been a huge fan since 2002/2003? when at a friends and heard Learn to Fly.
my favorite band is brand new... if you haven't heard of them you should deffinently check them out

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