Hey guys, I have 5 great pedals for sale. These pedals are used but with very slight use. I am only selling them as a package so I will not sell them alone (please don't ask) I am setting the price WAY BELOW what all 5 would cost by themself.
As a bonus I will throw in FREE SHIPPING as long as you live in the US (48 inland States) Not Hawaii or Alaska.
None of the pedals have a power supply (But then again they don't sell them with them) Some do have batteries some don't.
The price is $200, Drop me a message if interested. I accept PAYPAL so your money is safe during transaction.
Not on the list but I do have a BOSS ME-70 that I am keeping but if the price is right I can sell it also. It retails for $ 299 and is only 5 months old. I would take $225 w/free shipping if you want it


5 Used Effects Pedals

1 - ONER - Nitrogen Chorus Pedal (NC-2) - Has about 3 hours playing time - Uses battery or AC

2 - BOSS - Distortion Pedal (DS-1) - Has about 8 hours playing time - Uses battery or AC

3 - BOSS - Metal Core Pedal (ML-2) - Has about 4 hours playing time - Uses battery or AC

4 - DIGITECH - X Series Stereo Flanger - Has about 1 hour playing time - Uses battery or AC

5 - DIGITECH - Eric Clapton "Crossroads" Pedal - Gives you 7 different Clapton tones - Has about 8 hours playing time - Uses battery or AC

All items are used but are in excellent condition. All still with original box except Crossroads (No box) Some have a battery still in some don't. No AC adapter in package. Will only sell as a package not individual
haha, if only you lived in aus, I'd pick that up in a second. good luck with the sale.
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Here are the pics of the pedals, they are on my profile also






I had to lower the quality of the pics to get them on here but these pedals have no flaws, dings, missing paint or anything. They look absolute NEW. If you are interested in the ME-70 let me know and I can send you a pic on it
I still have these items for sale but will be pulling it off Saturday. If interested (and serious about it) send me a message or make a post and I will respond, thanks