Recently I purchesed a usb to midi lead to record music from my keyboard onto my laptop. However I can't get to to work and I can't find anything that can help me.

So one can I record toAudacity using a usb to midi lead and if so how

and two if not can someone help me
audacity can't record midi notes

find a sequencer or something.

I am too tired to define midi right now, but midi ≠ sound. Look it up on wikipedia if you did not know this.
Are there any programs for free were i just plug my keyboard into my pc hit record and it records the midi?
Yea go with Reaper or a lower end Cakewalk Sonar sequencer. I personally like Sonar for MIDI

Also be aware that MIDI is just data and so you cant stream audio form your keyboard down to the computer, you need a software VSTi to get the music.
^^^ What he said. MIDI ≠ sound. You need an audio interface if you want to record audio.
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If you're going midi -> USB, you should use a synth software (VST) that you can play with. The only thing the MIDI data include is what NOTE you hit and how hard you hit it, the rest is up to the program.

I recommend Kore Player, which is a Native Instruments program that reads tah midi and makes it into real sound. There is also a free soundpack there named Compilation Vol 1. Kore Player is a FREE version of KORE, but it will do great, it doesn't have all that advanced effects and such, but it's great.

Ispite the fact that NI's Guitar Rig sucks, they are good at synth software.