ok does anyone else have a dean razorback and if so please answer these questions?

1. does urs make a ton of unwanted string noise? not just from lack of skill but a ridiculous amount that makes playing the guitar kind of annoying.

2. when you play a power chord or something heavy (like the breakdown in domination) and then mute the guitar really quick, is there some kind of reverbish noise still coming out of the guitar?

3. how much does it cost to buy a new pickup selector switch? (mine's broken)

4. and how much does it cost to have the fretboard cleaned?
1) Are you muting the strings you're not playing?
2) Maybe you have a delay or reverb effect on your amp.

idk about the other 2, but you could probably just get some lemon oil and clean it yourself for about $5 (and I guess another $5 for new strings while you're at it)
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I work in a music shop and we have a few, so to answer you,

1. If the strings are making noise even when you're playing unplugged you're obviously doing something wrong. if it's fret buzz that's one thing, but try to learn to palm mute.

2. Propably an amp setting you've got.

3. around 30 bucks for someone to install a new one for you.

4. I take 40 bucks for cleaning a fretboard, but i'd love to take more for it, it's literally disgusting when grime builds up. You should buy some string cleaner and apply before and after playing to avoid it, also wash your hands before sessions. I use the GHS fastfret as cleaner. If you want to do it yourself, buy lemon oil (Note, this is not oil from actual lemons) and some 0000(soap free) steel wool.
its not lack of skill and its not an amp setting. ive been playing for 4 years and i know how to mute the strings but there is some weird noise always coming out of this guitar. what type of lemon oil should i use? its not that stuff that u make lemonade with right?
no, it's not. It's actually mineral oil, you can buy some at any guitar store for a small amount of money.