I'm looking for a good OD pedal to give my clean channel some oomf. I've been following Dave Weiner's YouTube channel (if you haven't seen any of his videos then get to it, especially Riff Of The Week, highly recommended), and recently I found his review of 3 Maxon OD pedals and like the looks of them. Also the Colorsound Overdriver.

Any more in that price range (£80 - £150 ish) would be great.

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Ibanez TS9

would be a decent choice
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Yeah, what about just getting a tube screamer? Maxon makes nice stuff too...but consider the TS-9 too. i think some of the Maxons are just TS-808 and TS-9 copies.
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Wait, are you using as a boost or as a dirt box?
Maxon designed and made the TS-9 and TS-808 for Ibanez for years, if you want a higher quality pedal go with the Maxon.

Didn't Maxon create the original Tubescreamer? According to Dave Weiner, the Maxon OD-9 is the TS-9 without the lower end of your tone being taken away.
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Need more information, there are a ****load of great OD boxes floating around.
More info? My amp and guitar are in my sig (first two entries). I just want a pedal that's gonna give me a good, not high-gain, solo sound. Gritty and bluesy, but also can be turned down via the pedal controls or the guitar volume pot to just give a slightly overdriven clean tone.
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I went with Power Screamer from Homebrew electronics. It is everything my 808 is and much more. What made me choose it over all comers was, like I said, it does everything the Maxons do but adds a 3-way selectable diode switch. The diode switch makes Power Screamer so much more versatile (gac! that word again) and on tri-ode mode wih the gain up, it will fuzz better than any fuzz pedal I have tried. Its the same price as the Maxon yet often overlooked because people are sheep.
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my favorite overdrive pedal is still the basic keeley modded ts-9. now i havent tried a lot of real high end stuff, but the thing is really nice. its basicly the ts-9 with more gain and less gain (knob has a wider range) and it smooths out the frequency response some. so it doesnt suck bass like a regular ts-9 and i feel like the mid hump is a bit less pronounced.

now, if the od-9 is supposed to be like a ts-9 that has a better bass response, that would be a very nice choice. not as much of a difference between the od-9 and ts-9 with k-ts-9 and the ts-9, but it is still supposed to be a solid pedal and if it does what it says then worth a shot. thats assuming you want a tubescreamer style sound, because if you dont then there are a ton of other options out there.