5 minutes-Chromatic exercises

10 minutes-Alternate picking/speed building exercises

5 minutes-Tremolo picking

10 minutes-Legato

5 minutes-Scales

10 minutes-Sweep picking

?? minutes-learning songs
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Don't make practice schedules.

Just practice chromatic exercises while watching TV, unplugged. I easily get like 2-3 hours of Chromatic practice a day.

Alternate Picking/Speedbuilding can be replaced with learning hard songs. I'll See the Light Tonight is a pretty good 'easy' alternate + speed building song.

If you can alternate pick well, you can tremolo pick. Legato MAY need it's own little practice time, i.e like 20 minutes of legato a day. Unless you're really into, Legato isn't something to go crazy over. I, personally never practice Legato (I can play legato, but I'm not aiming to be like Satch or something) because I don't really like it much.

Practice scales along with Chromatic exercises while watching TV (Just watch like 2-4 hours of TV. I usually watch 2-3 hours at night, before bed.)

I'd personally just use the song method for sweeps. Try Motorman by Racer X, or if you think you're good enough, try learning Miles of Machines by Jeff Loomis.

This way, you practice everything while you enjoy doing it.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
for pure technique based exercises, its a good idea to play it unbroken for a 5 minute period (unless of course, there is a build-up of tension).

and as the other guy said, tremolo picking, when played properly is just alternate picking.
I agree with V.U.K. I personally don't do the "routine" sort of thing just because after a while it feels like a chore and chores are not fun. Guitar needs to be fun or else you're not going to continue doing it.

With that being said if you enjoy practicing in this sort of manner with a rigorous schedule, more power to you!
I would put in more timeinto scales if I were you, can be convined with alternate picking and legato playing. The better you learn scales the bigger foundation you will have on your music playing