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Late Sleeper, Late Riser
113 58%
Late Sleeper, Early Riser
59 30%
Early Sleeper, Late Riser
7 4%
Early Riser, Early Riser
17 9%
Voters: 196.
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Which one?
I am a late sleeper early riser.

EDIT: Sorry, last option should be Early Sleeper, Early Riser
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All night, baby.
right after i wake up from slepping usually start faaping in my baathroom

EDIT: I like the fourth poll option
TS, it looks like you need some more slepp.
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I'm definately the Early Riser, Early Riser-type...why slepp if you can just rise all the time? It's so much more productive!
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I usually slepp late and get up late. Unless I need to be up early, in which case I'll be woken up by the bepping of my alarm clock.
I'm an early riser.

...until I pee, that is.
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Late sleeper, late riser.

Unless it's term time, in which case it's late sleeper, early riser.

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You spelled slepp wrong in the pole.

Words cannot describe how hilarious I found that comment...

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You spelled slepp wrong in the pole.

I don't think you should be correcting anyones mechanics.

Depends, i never usually go to bed before 1am, if i have to be up early the next day then i obviously get up early, sometimes i manage to wake up before my alarm goes off, other times i don't, but today i woke up pretty late.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
i slepp in a bed
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I slepp around 1AM and wake up at 6:45AM. School.
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late sleeper, late riser

i wish i didn't need to sleep, its a complete wast of time

obviously in school time as i wake up early everyday i can't stay up to long..

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i just accidentally my whole slepp for tonight
enjoi yourself

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