Okay so I will be buying a new guitar soon and I really want the Dean Z (or ZX) ,but looking at musician's friend what is the difference in the two other than the $30 difference?

Which would be better for my style of playing(Converge,Botch,Protest The Hero, August Burns Red)


It looks like the finish on the Z is what makes it cost more but im not for certain. I dont see any really big difference between them. I will also say that the low end deans are not very good. i would look at something else unless you are set on one of these. Look at some ibanez or some ESP-LTDs.
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I would recommend saving at least $400. In my experience, the quality of guitars skyrockets until around $400-500.
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Well I've heard really good things about it and it has really good reviews. I plan on playing it before I buy it. I plan on buying some better pickups also ,but it's gonna take a while to save up otherwise I would get the 79 model.
That dean suck ass

believe me , ive owned one
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