Ok, so i've been around the block on the amps in my guitar shop. So much so that at one point they told me to stop coming in everyday and playing stuff. I've played ValveKing's, Haze's, HT-5's, Windsor's and some Randall thing. Nothing has jumped out at me. At the moment my favourite's are the ValveKing and the Haze. Is there anyway to sort out the ridiculous amount of Bass on the Haze, it's crazy but everything else seems good. I only played a Halfstack version of the ValveKing, does the combo compare? Right now i'm wondering whether to hedge my bets on a 6262 and just hope. Any ideas? I really need to get this because i'm about to start gigging a fair bit and converting a shed into a recording studio. Style's i play is just Classic Rock to Metal, including Hard/Pop/Punk Rock. What i want is something that sounds nice and warm with distortion whilst remaining clarity and sounding a bit punchy. Please help me out because i need a new amp so that i can start modding my guitar.
I've got the Randall RG100G3 and I like it alot. I play everything from blues to thrash metal and the amp works fine for those styles. It took me a while to find the right settings though, but now I'm pretty pleased with it. It wasn't that expensive for a 100W combo amp, but it's really heavy. I work out alot so I don't thinks it's problem, but if you're not that strong it could be a minor issue
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Try the Bugera V22?

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My store doesn't stock any Laney's. Really lame i know. I'm thinking a Randall might be the way to go. The one i played was pretty good and thinking about it i preferred it ot the Valveking, no muddiness, just plain ol' good tone. Guess it just didn't jump out at me. Next weekend i'll try one out.