safe guys, sorry i posted this one up late.
^ they are some songs what i like.
my list generally is composed of known or at least "i've heard of them, but not actually heard them" bands. and one punk band.
but just because it not underground, doesn't mean it's not top quality audio entertainment.

here is me talking about songs what i like in no specific order:

Zyklon - Terrordrome
state of the art blackened death metal fro the bands debut album "World ov Worms". whilst it seems pointless and silly to compare bands from different genres; i think Zyklon (featuring Samoth and Trym of Emperor) have topped anything Emperor ever did.
high quality rif***e with seriously killer extreme vocals.

Isolation - Quiet, These Colours Will Fade
some excellent german depressive/atmospheric black metal. strong, clear riffs that still remain kvlt whilst not being over loaded in dissonance and creative chord sequences. this seems to be a dodgy recording from somewhere, they have a clearer, better, version on their myspace. i smell a pirate.

Boris - Huge
the opening track from japanese band Boris awesome drone album "amplifier worship". not much more to say. quite progressive for a drone track.

Refused - New Noise
i could easily have picked any track from the album "the shape of punk to come" by refused. the album is consistently impressive all the way through, with unique riffing, progression through movements and experimentation. this swedish post-hardcore band opened my eyes i would urge even the most kvlt metaller to give this track a listen.

Jotunspor - Ildkrig
Jotunspor are the only thing that stop King ov Hell (namely of ex-gorgoroth bass fame, but also features in Sahg and I) from being a norwegian Danni Filth (because dimmu borgir have nabbed that title already). described as "noisey black metal" by band members King and Kvitrafn (who also had a quick stint in gorgoroth as the drummer on the album "twilight of the idols")

Burning Witch - Tower Place
the best track and shortest track from their album "rfit.canyons.dreams" (edit: got that wrong, its from the album "towers..."). Burning Witch were originally founded by Stephen O'Malley and Greg Andersson, who we now know under the moniker of Sunn O))).
Burning Witch feature thick, doomy borderline drone riffs, drums that will give you a black eye and trditional echoey doom vocals combined with black metal screams. some of the best blackened doom metal you will ever hear.

Hail of Bullets - Ordered Eastward
dutch super group Hail of Bullets have had mixed reviews. some love them. some hate them. They feature solid groove based riffing, pounding drums, slightly core-ish breakdowns and the un-deniably brutal bark of Martin van Drunen (asphyx/pestilence)

Gallhammer - At The Onset Of The Age Of Despair
excellent japanese blackened doom metal played by three little girls. a band born from hellhammer, burzum and amebix worship who have found their own style. my favourite track in the entire mix.

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Alright, some class stuff on there.

I haven't heard Jotunspor before, so I look forward to that one.

I know of Refused from the Tony Hawk games.
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Great mix, man.
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I've heard so many good things about that Refused album, I'll be sure to check it out. I didn't realize Van Drunen had a new band, that's cool.

I don't like drone or much black metal, but Gallhammer and Zyklon sound right up my alley, I'll check them out too.
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