The riff is good, but if you could tie it together smoothly, or at least the first few and last few notes I think it'd sound a lot better. The slide parts are ok, but I'd like to hear more rif***e in between them. The vocals are not bad at all, I can just offer that you vary up the melody a bit, your sticking in the same few lines for most of the song. The organ definitely fits, it just seemed like you messed up a few times/could tie it together more smoothly. The lyrics were good for the type of song your going for. Maybe think about putting a bridge/variance of the song structure in, because your just doing that slide part again for the last minute or so, and it ended a bit abruptly. Guitar tone is really good though. Nice job overall.

Goodness gracious me!
hey thanks man, and yeah i know, i am not even close to being done with this song, but i wanted to throw this demo out there just so people to see where i was going with it. so yeah a lot of smoothing and the song dose end abruptly because im going to add in more vers' and a bridge and guitar solo. so there is a lot to fit in there (Thats what she said) but thanks man.
cool playing. i liked the raw feel of this. very good lyrics. i liked the singing also. very real. it sounded like zeppelin stuff. i love the slide. great playing. everything came together well in this. i liked it allot. nothing realy negative to say. good stuff. i love youre playing. good stuff man. reminded me of some modern country almost. this fits allot of diff genras of music. good job man. i think it was a little long, and if you widdled it down to about the 3 min mark i think this would be ace. its nice how it is too though. hood job man. im sending this to some of my friends, they are all stoners and will love this. haha.

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