small...i mean those in the size of around 10 X 10 X 5 inches, or should i spend a double to get those that are double larger in size? thx
I would spend the cash for a 30W practice amp. It'll do much more justice to you until you hit a 100W stack :-P
It sounds like you're talking about an LX12. Good? meh, what do you mean by that?
It's 10w, solid state with a 6" speaker. That alone limits how good it could possibly be.

They're cheap enough, but don't expect miracles.
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perhaps i should make my question clearer...i am playing loud but i want more "solid" sound....should i opt for a small practice amp or a 30W amp and turn the volume to low side?
The 30W will be more versatile in every aspect than a small 10 or 15W. And you can play it at any volume you want.

The tone out of a 30 will be miles better (generally)