okay i own a Epiphone les paul A PRS SE custom 24 double cutaway and several others thoughs are the mains though.

Im gonna put 2 grand in to my next guitar and i need help picking one.

I play everything from slow hand blues to Progressive metal i play nearly everything.

so i need a fitting guitar.

so suggest please.
Judging from what you have already i would say you like humbuckers.

So id say a PRS custom or Gibson Les Paul standard if you want to be boring

Ibanez's Js 1200 are really good for about £1400
I find that the only real way to find the right guitar is to play as many as you can.
Find out what the best characteristics are from your current guitars and what style they suit. If there is a style that you play that is lacking the correct instrument then go shop around and find that guitar.

good luck!
For 2 grands, you can get a decent Gretsch! They won't suit your progressive metal playing, but they're just that much cooler than anything else.
I'd get really expensive and extravagant parts from Warmoth and build a badass custom. But If you'd rather just buy one, a PRS (not an SE) would be fitting IMO.
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hmmm so ive bin looking at the gretsch can they get dirty?

They sure can, but at extensive gain and volume, the hollowbody models will have some feedback.
hmmm well i really want something beautiful large sound i kinda was thinking a strat maybe?
Fender Stratocaster.

Seriously, go buy one right now. Your 'collection' will be complete.

Once you strat, you can't stop.
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